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Nicolás Fernández Miranda

Nicolás Fernández-Miranda


Nicolás leads the firm’s Criminal Department. A well-known attorney in the insurance sector, he represents insurance companies as well as the insured, and performs his work by assisting and coordinating the different stakeholders involved (civil and criminal) in a friendly manner, though with a rigorous legal approach.

He has immense experience in crimes committed in professional or corporate environments, especially in those related to occupational risk prevention, an experience which is based in more than ten years representing all types of construction industry stakeholders.

His work also extends to proceedings deriving from other types of professional negligence (doctors, attorneys, engineers and security companies) as well as all other economic and business-related crimes.

As concerns Compliance, he designs and implements internal Compliance procedures and Crime Prevention Plans and advises companies that wish to assess the suitability of their economic crime prevention policies and procedures.

Nicolás is a regular speaker and author of books related to business-related crimes with a special focus on occupational risk prevention and the criminal matters affecting legal entities.