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One undeniable reality is that punishable conducts being legislated are increasing, as are the ways in which how they directly affect legal entities and their stakeholders: management and employees.

EVERLAW’s growth is tied to out adaptation to this fact. The result is a very highly qualified, experienced and versatile Criminal Law Department that can respond to this legal and social reality. The existence of this department means that the consulting services we perform for insurance companies and other organisations are truly comprehensive, which reflects the relevance of criminal defence in cases today.

With regard to criminal processes, our main concern is the peace of the defendant, as well as that of their loved ones and their business associates. However, we do not forget the economic impact these types of cases can have in the personal estate, business or insurance company of the defendant.

It is under this essential premise that we approach our clients in a simple and warm manner, yet with absolute legal rigour, as our main objective is releasing our clients from any criminal liability and, though a comprehensive risk assessment, adjusting our defence to favour the company’s position with regard to any other liability claim.

Procedural Criminal Law

Our usual actions in criminal proceedings cover all facets of Business Criminal Law, with a special focus on the area of workplace health & safety crimes, environmental crimes, corporate crimes related to consumer market, fraud, corruption, product safety, money laundering, and property crimes and economic crimes.

EVERLAW attorneys have significant experience in this branch of law and are specially recognised for their specialisation in Occupational Accidents and Workplace Health & Safety Crime, an area in which we collaborate with our Labour Department in order to create synergies among all the specialty areas in the benefit of our clients. Our work starts as soon as we are called to assist a client at the police station or during a labour inspection and continues until a final court decision is obtained, when this is the case.

Our field of action extends to Healthcare Law where we have extensive experience defending professionals accused of malpractice, as well as their insurance companies.


The inclusion of a criminal liability for legal persons in our legal system makes it essential for trading companies to be ready to detect any risk of criminal actions committed within their organisations. This is done by establishing a Crime Prevention Plan. The goals of this plan are to prevent crimes and, when nonetheless crimes occur, to curb negative consequences deriving from them by creating a Corporate Good Governance Code.

To do so, constant action is required to ensure the Plan is integrated in all governance structures through a dynamic and effective compliance system. EVERLAW is ready to create one for you or to update and adapt your existing policies to current regulations.

We regard Compliance as the first line of defence against criminal sanctions and possible reputational damage.

Even still, if court proceedings are initiated, we have the necessary resources to sustain an adequate defence in any area and against any claim that may arise.