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Mariola Nuñez Fernández

Mariola Núñez Fernández


Mariola leads the Insurance and Civil Liability Department, working on consulting as well as procedural cases in courts of all law branches and jurisdictions.

She offers comprehensive services, which start when an incident is notified until the end of the deriving proceedings. She usually works on claims for damages, property civil liability, sureties, and policy covers, among others.

Particularly standing out is her abilities and experience in Construction, an area in which she has provided counsel to all construction-related stakeholders for more than 15 years, and in Professional Civil Liability, an area in which she has been the legal representative of, attorneys, engineers and executives (D&O), among others.

Also significant is her work in the scope of Medical and Healthcare Liability, in which she has defended insurance companies, healthcare professionals and medical centres in complex procedures involving large sums.

Mariola advises leading insurance companies for the development and adaptation of their policies and regularly publishes a number of articles in scientific journals and legal publications, besides participating in many conferences and congresses in these fields.