Labour Law

Nowadays, the management and handling of labour conflicts, either individual or collective, influence all areas of a business. For this reason, we seek to find specific, accurate and quick solutions, making us an essential external addition to any HR or Legal Department to improve our work by understanding the special characteristics of each business.

In order to become a practical tool in solving any labour problems, our work method is based on communicating our legal opinions, resolving any questions immediately and, if necessary, offering complex technical solutions explained in simple terms through concise briefs so they may be understood by business owners and employees.

We advise national and multi-national companies as well as workers with the main goal of collaborating with our clients to manage their isolated or strategic problems, all in strict compliance with labour and social security laws and without ever overlooking health and safety principles.


Practical Consulting and Opinions

Practical Consulting and Opinions

Our client consulting services are always personal and direct, with a practical approach and we offer the possibility of identifying any conflicts or problems before they arise.

Our System is based on using our knowledge of the special characteristics and versatility of Labour Law to find creative solutions to complex challenges.

Always in strict compliance with labour laws, we will keep you constantly informed of the most relevant legal and court news that may have an impact on your business with sufficient notice, so you can come up with a strategy and manage your resources accordingly. Our Consulting model is based on providing employees and management with in-house training which includes accurate, updated and timely information which will be always based on practical examples from your own environment.

Here are some examples of what we do:

  • Employment contracts and special employment conditions.
  • Variable compensation, flexible compensation, profit sharing and other compensation systems.
  • Internal business policy programmes and protocols: implementation and management of whistle-blowing systems, equality plans and training plans.
  • Internal flexibility measures: geographic and functional mobility, substantial change in working conditions and international worker displacement.
  • Drafting, negotiation and implementation of collective bargaining agreements.
  • Business re-structuring: dismissals on objective grounds, both individual and collective, suspension of contract and business successions.
  • Executive Management: contracts, special covenants, golden parachute clauses and non-compete clauses, inclusion in the company’s organic structure as well as termination of contracts and resignations.
  • Advising on Social Security and hiring issues.
  • Collective negotiations and relations with workers’ representatives.
  • Disciplinary dismissals and sanctions.
  • Comprehensive advising regarding occupational accidents: Work inspections and accident reports.

Procedural Labour Law

Procedural Labour Law

The special nature of procedural labour law, as reflected in the protective nature afforded through labour jurisdiction and the circumstance that it always affects individual relations, makes possible for employment conflict to disturb the work environment at a company or to deeply damage the business owner’s reputation with respect to the employees and the general public. Thus, we make our best efforts to prevent conflict; however, once a conflict has arisen, we manage it in such manner that, if going to court is necessary, specific solutions to the specific problem are found without harming any other aspect of your company. With these goals in mind, we work together with our clients to create a strategy to be followed throughout all phases of the process, adopting the best decisions for each case and each specific problem.

Worth special attention are affairs deriving from Workplace Accidents and Occupational Diseases where a multi-disciplinary team jointly and co-ordinately provides comprehensive solutions for all liabilities that may arise: criminal liability, labour liability (claims for damages), Social Security liability (payment of benefits) and administrative liability (violation notices).